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The Gardner Institute's Spiritual Life Coaching 

Gardner Institute founder, Dr. Jayne Gardner, has formulated an unprecedented and unique life coaching process supported by the latest scientific breakthroughs in neuroscience. This process, known as "Mindset", is engineered to rewire an individual's limiting neurological pathways, allowing them to build new ones. Our conditioned neural pathways can suffocate our true potential. The Mindset process teaches individuals how to rewire their brain through a patented series of self-dialogues and imprints the subconscious with new, positive neurological pathways.

The Gardner Institute is an International Coach Federation (ICF) recognized life coaching school. We specialize in helping clients improve their lives and improve the lives of others through our life coaching books, life coaching workshops, our Core Coach training classes, and our proprietary Advanced Mindset Coach Training program. 

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Gardner Institute

Three Steps for Accessing God-Like Power

June 22, 2015

This is not an article about God but God is the strongest and most passionate word I can use to explain unlimited power. Would you like to have infinite and eternal power at your finger-tips? The only power you will ever be able to discover and access is the power within yourself and guess what? It is as unlimited as God itself.
There are many ways to access your own inner power and to increase the energy within yourself. This unlimited potential in you is called your Divine Intelligence. Let’s look at some steps you can take today to make that infinite intelligence more available to you.

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4 Ways to Build Your Mental Muscle

June 01, 2015

Just like working out your biceps or your abs, brain experts say you can train your brain to be able build up strength for the stressful times.

Brain resilience is your brain’s ability to bounce back from a crisis, hardship, or just plain day by day stress. Even what may seem like minor thoughts of social rejection and loneliness zoom along the same neural pathways as fear and break down our energy.

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