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We believe everyone has unlimited power. Neuroscience proves it. 

The Gardner Institute is a life coaching school that values each person’s unique journey of mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Our process uses the latest findings in neuroscience to create deep and sustainable change in our clients’ lives. We train our coaches to immerse themselves into their own spiritual intuition to help guide others on their individual spiritual journeys. The Gardner Institute teaches a scientific process that has been proven by neuroscience to provide a coaching experience that is unparalleled in the market place. Not only do we train our coaches to inspire and create results for each client, but we educate our coaches on how to implement their coaching strategies in a lucrative and accessible way. The Gardner Institute offers its students all the needed resources to develop a thriving coaching career.

Gardner Institute

Seeing the Divine in Others

July 17, 2014

While visiting the SMU campus at Taos, I was checking out all the details about the suitability of using it as a retreat setting for Evolve, our spiritual workshop.  So, first how is the food???The first day I was in the dining hall was breakfast.The first face I saw was, Lillian, the Head Chef peeking out from behind the serving counter.  I asked Lillian if I could interview her and ask her some questions about how she cooked and kept all the students fed and happy.  She hesitated as I could tell she was very shy and maybe felt intimidated by me-maybe she was thinking I was there to judge her and how well she carried out her job….?I suggested...

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We are all the same

June 26, 2014

  WE ARE ALL THE SAME Taos, NM June 20 2014   I am in New Mexico looking over the SMU campus located in Taos.  I was so excited when my cousin Hal Barkley connected me with Jeanne and Mike Adler. Mike is the Director of the campus here at Taos and Jeanne is his wife, a coach whose company is named Blue Skies…  But when I first arrived, I immediately began to question if we had chosen the right place for our Evolve retreat in October.  I felt a let -down.  It was like… a camp….rather than the “resort” I had guess I had expected. It is a rustic and completely natural setting without any of the strappings of...

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