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The Gardner Institute's Spiritual Life Coaching 

Gardner Institute founder, Dr. Jayne Gardner, has formulated an unprecedented and unique life coaching process supported by the latest scientific breakthroughs in neuroscience. This process, known as "Mindset", is engineered to rewire an individual's limiting neurological pathways, allowing them to build new ones. Our conditioned neural pathways can suffocate our true potential. The Mindset process teaches individuals how to rewire their brain through a patented series of self-dialogues and imprints the subconscious with new, positive neurological pathways.

The Gardner Institute is an International Coach Federation (ICF) recognized life coaching school. We specialize in helping clients improve their lives and improve the lives of others through our life coaching books, life coaching workshops, our Core Coach training classes, and our proprietary Advanced Mindset Coach Training program. 

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Gardner Institute

“Winning is a state of mind that embraces everything you do.” ― Bryce Courtenay

April 11, 2015

    “Winning is a state of mind that embraces everything you do.” ― Bryce Courtenay   Supporting our Mindset concept of counting our Wins… In Mindset, we “require” that each person keep up with their “wins” each day. We see what a positive impact this has on clients as we coach people through the Mindset Process; however, it is always good to see the research appear that substantiates what we are doing. Here is some research that shows how important it is to keep track of our wins: They did a survey of 669 managers where the managers ranked the importance of five factors that could influence motivations and emotions at work. Four of items were straight from conventional...

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Into the light

April 05, 2015

  Into the Light Today, as the sun peeps over the horizon, Christ is born in the hearts of all people, of all colors and all religions and all nationalities. Resurrect now in this life! Today, we can allow our human intelligence can be transformed into Divine Intelligence. We all enter the kingdom of God today right now in this moment. Arise! The day is here that brings great joy! We arise!

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