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The Gardner Institute is proudly recognized by the International Coach Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Upon completion of our Core Coach Training, our clients are recognized as qualified life coaching professionals.

The Gardner Institute's Spiritual Life Coaching 

Gardner Institute founder, Dr. Jayne Gardner, has formulated an unprecedented and unique life coaching process supported by the latest scientific breakthroughs in neuroscience. This process, known as "Mindset", is engineered to rewire an individual's limiting neurological pathways, allowing them to build new ones. Our conditioned neural pathways can suffocate our true potential. The Mindset process teaches individuals how to rewire their brain through a patented series of self-dialogues and imprints the subconscious with new, positive neurological pathways.

The Gardner Institute is an International Coach Federation (ICF) recognized life coaching school. We specialize in helping clients improve their lives and improve the lives of others through our life coaching books, life coaching workshops, our Core Coach training classes, and our proprietary Advanced Mindset Coach Training program. 

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What if loving yourself was your only resolution for 2015?

January 06, 2015

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. -Zoe Kravitz The top three areas in which people set the most goals: Health, Wealth and Relationships The reason we want those areas to improve is so that we will feel more fulfilled, happier and content. What if we could skip the work on improving ourselves and just start loving ourselves more? There is a secret that not many people know about how to improve those three areas. Results will happen very quickly if you carry off one specific task: love yourself more! What first came to mind when you read that sentence? That you would be selfish? Let me convince you otherwise. A...

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Top Eleven Ways to Make This Holiday Season Bright

December 01, 2014

Top Eleven Ways to Make This Holiday Season Bright 1. Give up trying to change others.2. Shorten your to-do list 3. Remember what is most important to you.4. Set an intention to enjoy.5. Buy fewer gifts; give more love out.6. Stay jolly even when others are not.7. Delegate material things to the end of the list.8. Celebrate the Divine; and also celebrate the Divine in you.9. Think of Christmas as Christ’s birthday as well as the Rebirth of Your True Self.10.Stay in the Present Moment.11. Love.   -Dr. Gardner

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