The Gardner Institute

Awaken the Divine Within.

We believe everyone has unlimited power. Neuroscience proves it. 

The Gardner Institute is a life coaching school that values each person’s unique journey of mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Our process uses the latest findings in neuroscience to create deep and sustainable change in our clients’ lives. We train our coaches to immerse themselves into their own spiritual intuition to help guide others on their individual spiritual journeys. The Gardner Institute teaches a scientific process that has been proven by neuroscience to provide a coaching experience that is unparalleled in the market place. Not only do we train our coaches to inspire and create results for each client, but we educate our coaches on how to implement their coaching strategies in a lucrative and accessible way. The Gardner Institute offers its students all the needed resources to develop a thriving coaching career.

Gardner Institute

Transcending the ordinary

July 28, 2014

At The Gardner Institute, we believe the world is ready for a new way to find meaning and purpose. We know that there is a body of universal secrets that have been kept together through the ages by certain groups of individuals vowing to keep them from the masses. These secrets have given instructions to people about how to access divine even godlike powers that lay dormant in our “human” minds. Dr. Jayne Gardner, author of the book, Divine Intelligence, is carrying the truth about the Divine into the masses. She has spent the greatest part of her life researching and uncovering spiritual truths to help people find their divine selves. In her years of work in psychiatric hospitals and...

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I am Coming Out of the Closet…

June 20, 2014

Blasphemy……sacrilege… the least irreverence… the worst wickedness.  These words are rolling around in my head and up until now—would have stopped me from writing what I am about to pen on paper. I am hesitating. I am a little scared. What I know for sure is that one can never “unwrite” something. Feelings from the past have always controlled me. But I just have to admit and own up to something.  In truth, I, the real me has been hiding in the closet somewhat as if I were a lesbian and afraid the world will sell me out.  I am about to make myself unconventional to say the least. God.  I want to come out of the closet about what...

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