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The Gardner Institute is a life coaching school that values each person’s unique journey of mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Our process uses the latest findings in neuroscience to create deep and sustainable change in our clients’ lives. We train our coaches to immerse themselves into their own spiritual intuition to help guide others on their individual spiritual journeys. The Gardner Institute teaches a scientific process that has been proven by neuroscience to provide a coaching experience that is unparalleled in the market place. Not only do we train our coaches to inspire and create results for each client, but we educate our coaches on how to implement their coaching strategies in a lucrative and accessible way. The Gardner Institute offers its students all the needed resources to develop a thriving coaching career.

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How and Why to Stop the FEAR about Ebola from Spreading…

October 17, 2014

Watching the TV broadcasts of the Ebola crisis in the last few weeks has brought a lot of concern and worry into all our lives. Sometimes the news can start a niggling of worry in us but only when it is brought home do we usually turn that worry into fear. It wasn’t until yesterday that the worry turned into full fear for me. My daughter called from her school where she is a principal and told me they now had 4 students attending their schools whose parents had been on those flights taken by Ebola victim #3 and so their children who are attending my daughter’s school are now being watched and monitored for possible future symptoms. If that...

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Servant Leadership

October 14, 2014

Servant Leadership for Managing Employees... Several years ago, one of my employees made a comment that threw me into a tailspin of personal growth. She told me after her yearly review with me: “Boy, you really know how to bring a person down!”. I was shocked as my gift as a coach is to raise people up! She was the best employee I had ever had and I knew I was about to lose her. What was I doing wrong? Wasn’t it my responsibility to tell a person that worked for me what I wanted and what I didn’t want? Wasn’t that what a boss was all about? And yes, of course, I used praise and told them when I...

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