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We believe everyone has unlimited power. Neuroscience proves it. 

The Gardner Institute is a life coaching school that values each person’s unique journey of mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Our process uses the latest findings in neuroscience to create deep and sustainable change in our clients’ lives. We train our coaches to immerse themselves into their own spiritual intuition to help guide others on their individual spiritual journeys. The Gardner Institute teaches a scientific process that has been proven by neuroscience to provide a coaching experience that is unparalleled in the market place. Not only do we train our coaches to inspire and create results for each client, but we educate our coaches on how to implement their coaching strategies in a lucrative and accessible way. The Gardner Institute offers its students all the needed resources to develop a thriving coaching career.

Gardner Institute

Connect to the Spirit Within You!

August 22, 2014

People are yearning for some higher way to find meaning in their lives and for those who are spiritual in nature,finding God is the ultimate solution. A recent poll, interviewing more than 36,000 adults appearing in the Washington Post, shows that 92% of most Americans believe in God or in a universal spirit.  More than half of Americans polled pray at least once a day.   But of this 92%, a growing number of people do not believe in a God who is an "actual person", but do think of God as a "spirit- a spirit within you."  For to these people, God is a symbol, a presence inside of them, and something everyone of any religion or persuasion can understand and believe. Most of us are thirsty for just a taste of an experience of God and would “die for” a relationship with God.   If we redefine what God is and where God is located, we can then learn how to find the God within.  What if I were to tell you that the only thing which separates you from God is the fact that you have not yet activated the unlimited intelligence of the Divine within you? Now what if I told you that there is a process to guide you in developing a relationship with the God inside of you?    What would it take from you to complete such a process?  Daily dedication and discipline to working some experiential exercises for several months in a self- discovery process is necessary. But the biggest requirement is an excitement in your heart that tells you –you are ready to receiving  the greatest gift---connection to the most powerful source in the universe-YOU. 

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Let’s Dare to be Conscious in our Evolution

August 15, 2014

Conscious Evolution:  Evolution will have its own way, if we don’t intrude.  The template has been set unless we choose to change it. And since its way began over three billion years ago, it is very strongly embedded in us.  The good news is our brains have been shaped to survive and also to improve themselves as we naturally want to grow and improve. But the bad news is that over the years, survival has been the focus and there is a tendency for the brain to turn consistently toward stability instead of change and innovation. We have countered nicely and become a human race of incredible inventions, but mostly for the convenience of our outer world. Now it is...

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