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Spirituality and science show an innate invisible intelligence is within each of us waiting to be discovered to bring us the meaning and purpose in our lives we have been seeking.

At The Gardner Institute we call it YOU, that small kernel of Divine Intelligence inside of you. Our science-based Mindset Spiritual Process is a way to connect to that unlimited invisible force within called you!

Our mission is to help you uncover this inner power, connect with it and use it to be who you decided you wanted to be before you ever set foot on this planet. Today we extend an invitation to you to explore our website and find all the many ways we have created to bring our process to you.

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy Using Your MINDSET

September 19, 2016

You know how I feel about your Mindset! 

You know I feel it is the key to prosperity, healthy relationships.

This month since we are focusing on our physical health, I thought I would give you one quick and dirty way to stay healthy! Or, ten in one quick and dirty list.  

It is easy as saying grace at mealtime. Yes, the state of gratitude is the “healthiest” mindset you can have.

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Three Ways Your Emotions Can Help You Live Longer

September 09, 2016

Ever wonder if how you feel might make you sick?

Some of the common expressions we use in society show we already know that our emotions are related to our health.

We say, "I have a gut feeling about something."

"My heart feels heavy or joyful."

Or, "that person gives me a headache."

It does seem like we already know that how we feel affects our health. But let’s look at the research to see what science tells us about our emotions and health.

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